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Frequently Asked Questions

I hear a lot of things about South Africa. How safe is it to ride a motorbike in your country?

We have all been riding for decades and have operated a rental fleet of over 50 bikes since 2005. None of us and none of our clients has so far been subject to theft from a bike or theft of a bike. Riding in most of the country is probably safer than in Europe. Follow the common safety principles when in big cities, don’t leave unsecured items on your bike and ask at your accommodation for secure parking at night.

Since South Africa is riding on the left are the controls the same or different?

All motorcycles imported into South Africa are the same models and specs as in all European countries. All have the standard configuration, brakes on the right, clutch and gears (1 down, 5 up) on the left.

What are the costs?

Download our rate sheet. Rates include mileage as stated, insurance and all taxes.

Can I book online?

We do not have an online booking facility as our fleet varies widely through the year depending on different factors. Online systems would require too much maintenance. Please use the contact form to book via email.

How do I book?

Please use the contact form to send us an email with your requirements and we will do the booking for you.

What are the minimum requirements?

A valid unrestricted motorcycle license (Class A) that can be read by our staff and insurance. Preferably an international motorcycle license but we do accept EU, UK,  American, Australian and New Zealand licenses. We will also need a passport/ID and you must be a minimum age of 21.

How does the insurance work?

All our rental rates incl. comprehensive insurance with an excess of R25 000 per incident. There is, unfortunately, no option available to reduce the excess on motorbike rentals.

What is the insurance excess?

The excess or deductible of R 25 000 is the maximum amount that the renter is liable for in case of an accident or theft. Simply put, if you fall over and break a mirror and a lever, you will pay the cost for the 2 items and have the rest of the money refunded. If you crash the bike into a Ferrari, you will pay the excess amount of R25 000 and the insurance will take care of all the rest.

Can I ride from Cape Town to Johannesburg or a different city?

Yes, we do offer one-way rentals on request. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

I want the bike to be delivered/collected to/from my hotel or the airport.

For a seamless experience, we strongly encourage all customers to collect their bike at our depot since that is the only place where we are equipped to do small adjustments to the bikes or help you with helmets/gear that you might need. We can deliver/collect in the city centre at a fee, however, the airport does not allow us to hand over there due to security concerns.

Am I allowed to cross borders?

Our bikes are insured and allowed in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana. We do provide the necessary documentation on request at a small fee.

What gear and extras do you offer?

We do have a selection of helmets, jackets and gloves available for rental and for sale. lower seals, panniers, top boxes and Garmin GPS units can be added to the bike. Please see the cost on the rate sheet.

What about my extra luggage?

We do offer free storage at our depot and can also forward excess luggage to your final destination if required.

I will be riding a lot of dirt roads, what tyre choices are available?

Our Dual Purpose Bikes (apart from the BMW R1250 GS) are equipped with Mitas E07 tyres as standard which is a good 50/50 tyre that should cope in most situations. If you need special tyres (like TKC 80) or want off-road tyres on a 1250 GS, these are for your account.

Where are my vehicle papers?

In South Africa, your vehicle license has to be attached to the vehicle at all times. you will find a small disk containing the license attached to the motorbike.

What about fuel?

Rental motorbikes are supplied with a full tank of fuel and have to be returned with a full tank of fuel. All bikes use 95 oct unleaded fuel.

Can I connect my own accessories to the rental bike?

We understand that you would like to use your own gear that you are used to. If it needs any fitment (GPS Bracket – tank bag clip etc.) please ask us for assistance when you collect the bike to avoid any charges later.

What happens if I have a mechanical breakdown?

Make sure you get the bike off the road and into a safe location. Then contact us directly on 0846064449. We will make sure that the appropriate service gets sent out or a replacement bike gets sent to you.

What if the bike gets damaged?

Incidents out of your control can happen. Unfortunately, the damage to the rented bike is treated the same as if it was your own bike. Unless we can find the guilty party, the repair to the bike will come out of your deposit.

What is the procedure if I am in an accident?

For injuries, contact emergency services on 112 from any cellphone.

Contact Cape Bike Travel on 084 606 4449.

Take pictures and video of all involved vehicles and persons as well as the site of the accident.
We will need you to supply the contact details of any third party/witnesses. You will also need to report the incident to the closest police station and obtain a CASE number.

What if I need to extend/modify my booking?

Contact us to check for availability as early as possible and to discuss any rate changes that might be applicable.

How are traffic fines handled?

We receive the fines in the post about 4-6 weeks after the actual offence. They will be scanned and emailed to you before we pay them and charge your credit card.